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Property Management Software Features at a Glance

Lease Administration & Tenant Billing

Organize Your Leases and Create Professional Bills in Seconds

Leases are the bread and butter of property management. Create a smart and convenient lease administration process and your business will grow. With this in mind, we created a system of online access to lease terms and tenant communication, as well as a tenant ledger to give you the visibility and organization your busines requires.

UnitConnect's lease management software features allow you to:

Simplify the creation of new leases.

Standardize leasing policies and procedures with custom fields.

Attach scanned leases for ease of reference.

Maintain valuable relationships with your tenants.

Don't miss important dates and details.

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Expense Tracking & Vendor Management

Manage Expenses with Ease

Whether you're in residential or commercial property management, bills pile up fast - and so do the responsibilities of running your business. How do you keep track of all due payments without missing a beat?

Track expenses, all vendor information, bills, bill payments, conversation notes, and even scanned copies of documents in a shared and secure digital archive.

Control property expenses through a quick view and analysis of historical bills.

Simplify the job of tracking bills and ensure bills get paid on time...every time.

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Budgeting & Reporting

Create and Reconcile Your Budget

Create a budget, get reimbursed by your tenants, run reports and reconcile your CAM. Our rental property management software features handle all the complexities that come with CAM reconcilliation so you don't have to.

Budgeting allows you to project your expenses and gain greater control over how much you spend. Our unique budget feature makes it effortless. Simply, estimate how much money should be spent on expenses throughout the year, charging your tenants triple net charges as you go. At the end of the year, you'll find that reconciling and analyzing projected vs. actual expenses has never been easier.

With this convenient tenant management software feature you won't surprise your tenants with large reconciliation expenses at the end of the year.

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User Management & Access Control

Full Power of User Management at Your Fingertips

Provide transparency to your staff and investors. Share responsibilities and grant the necessary access. UnitConnect's web-based property management software allows you to set up user-level permissions to relevant people. You define what information and features are accessible to the user.

This exceptional tool puts you in the driver's seat, maximizing your control while minimizing the risk of accidentaly deleting documents or the misuse of sensitive information.

Plus, there's no need for costly IT personnel. This do-it-yourself tool is a simple way to organize your people and give yourself peace of mind.

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Tenant Portal Software

Easy and Intuitive Portal for Tenants

The best in online property management software now features the creation of a brand new interactive tenant portal. Now, tenants can be invited to join or simply sign up for convenient, secure, on-line access to verifiable information such as invoices, lease end and start dates, payment status, and due dates. Tenants can also view detailed bill histories or review various lease-related documents. All of these features help improve communication and increase transparency.

This development represents just another way UnitConnect is continuing its commitment to providing best-in class online property management software for all users.

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